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People have different needs or demands and variety of choices. Basically, people face a problematic situation in choosing a suitable stove. Nowadays, a number of brands, features, and variations are found in the market. Still, selection of cooking stove is a matter of preference. Considering the issue of functionality, all kinds of stoves are effective in cooking foods. In a responsive calculation, features matter in selections with a remarkable concern of using situation.  In most of the cases, concerning the issue of function or price, there is a constant justification for a new appliance.




Cooking is an essential activity of our daily life. Besides, Cooking is an art. Think of a flamed gas stove while cooking an appetizing dish. The most significant part of cooking is done with the stove or burner which is used for making the food palatable. Thus, the identity of stove or burner is the accomplisher of boiling the food or burning them.

Let’s Watch how to cook Tandoori Chicken in Gas Stove


The invention of gas stoves in the 1820s and an establishment of stove factory in 1836 became commercially successful in 1880s as a replacement of coal or wood used stoves. However, the ultimate success of gas stoves was found in the availability of the network of gas pipes which allowing more and more people to afford and access in the world of developing the technology of gas stoves. Today, stoves are becoming the latest victim of technology in moving toward electricity or electric burner or electric top. Thus, the use of gas stoves and formation of features is changing rapidly.


The most common types of stoves or ranges are two. They are the gas ranges and the electric ranges. A gas burner has air with natural gas, synthetic natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.  Small holes are used to flow resulting mixed combination in the burner.  A flame is created by a built-in device or by a pilot light ignites the mixture. There is a continuously burning flame which is known as pilot light. Heats are maintained according to the amount of gas flow. Hand operated regulatory valve is used to control the stove. Modern gas ranges have power system of approximately 16000 BTU per hour.




electric current is used to produce heat in the heating units of electric ranges. The units are circular form containing an expandable electric element. An exterior shell in the form of a metal tube is in the heating unit. There are spiral shapes with coil wire and electricity moves through the coil to heat the metal tube. Generated heats of the system can be regulated. Higher voltage is responsible for heating the coil. The length of time and the current flow have a vital impact on increasing heat. There are also electric ranges with metal coils. Moreover, recently popular electric ranges have hidden heating elements with a glass ceramic surface.


Another type of stove or range is found in the market which is focused on outstanding design and concept. The induction cooktops or stoves are introduced to provide energy efficient and environmentally sound system. Glass covered electromagnetic elements are used in induction ranges. An induction cooktop has four hobs of ferromagnetic coils. Coils are used to develop a magnetic field to generate heat. The heat is transferred to the pan but the cooktops remain cool. Interestingly, a pan is heated only to cook the food. Special cookware is designed to absorb the magnetic heat of the induction stove. Typically, induction ranges are much costly than the other two types of stoves.


Now, one of the most frequently asked question on buying a kitchen stove is that whether to buy an electric or gas stove.

Though, cooking food is the basic function of both of them.

All the same, there is a systematic difference between electric stove and gas stove.

Electric Stove slowly processes the heat to the heating elements and gradually heat shifted to the cooking pot.

On the other hand, burner ignition in a gas stove make flames and shift heat to the pot immediately.

As for having the flame burner, heat can be controlled accordingly. So, gas stove is in the favorite list of cooks for controlling heat and adjusting fire.

By adjusting the fire, the desired temperature can be maintained easily. Besides, some gas stove has an easy cleanup feature as well.


Electricity is used in the ignition of an automatic ignition pellet stove either requires no interferences or requires a button to push on to light. It is helpful in running stove automatically based on thermostat setting, even in your absence. But this will cost much energy loss with a constant possibility of replacement. An electric stove eventually costs much than a manual stove. In using a manual stove you need an assistance of a match though you can control it according to your need. However, the developed manual stove has its own regulatory system to activate it which is simply known as a gas stove.

An electric stove is a good option for universal use as gas is not available in every location. Electric Coil stove costs less than any other type of stove. The electric stove works on a process of heating coil which transfers heat to the cooking pot. Heat can be maintained in a dial setting but it is not directly controlled like the gas burner. Generally, in America, people living in the rural area use the electric one as they have no residential gas lines.


In Bangladesh, most of the users use gas stoves. In rural areas, gas tanks are sold to maintain gas stoves which are known as gas Chula. Gas stoves in Bangladesh are basically classified as double or single gas cooker. Universally, size is used as a parameter of categorizing gas stove or other stoves. Many different stove structures and configurations are introduced in the market for various cooking tasks. Again, gas stoves have either standard or sealed burners. The sealed burner is easier to clean as it prevents food and liquid from falling beneath the burner at the time of cooking. There are some standard burners also which has lift up cooktop which creates easily cleaning system.


Some gas stoves have low and high heat burners. Almost half heat of standard burner is produced in a low-heat burner. More than the one-third heat of standard burner is produced in a high-heat burner. The low-heat burner is used for making simmering foods while the high-heat burner is used for cooking and boiling foods.

It is a common understanding that a cooking stove cannot do all cooking well. So, various form and function based cooking stove even gas stoves are found in the market. In the present context, some specification of gas stoves is made here as it is the most widely chosen stove. In Bangladesh, typical stove represents the gas stove only. From a basic consideration, most of the present gas stoves have auto ignition system which is not available in some gas stoves where the match is used to burn the coil of the burner. For efficiency of use, people like to buy auto ignition systematized gas burners.

There are differences in burners also like honeycomb burner, cast iron burner etc. Brass burner cap or strong burner cap is also found in those stoves which is another feature of gas stoves. Another interesting feature of today’s gas stove is low gas consumption while it is maintained in the double burner or single burner stoves. Typically, single burner stoves are 100mm in size while double burner stoves have 100+100mm in size.

The fueling of gas stoves is done by a stove connected the external natural gas line. The pipes of the natural gas line run underground and go to the homes located in an available natural gas supply area.

The pressurized gas line became unblock and creates a flow of gas toward the burner when the stove is turned on.

The stove produces a blue flame when the gas of the pipe mixes with air. When mixed air moves on to the burner along the smaller pipe branch of the main pipe, it leads to the ignition source. In manual burner, the ignition source is known as pilot light.

Newer burner introduces it as an electric spark igniter and it produces a clicking sound when it turns on. The controlling system of the stove is useful in maintaining the running of gas into the main pipe to adjust the flame of the burner.

A flame trap is responsible for heat absorption and for not passing of gas as a big hole or in the same frame size. Safety is an important issue in case of gas stoves. Fuels used in a gas stove can be a cause of hazardous troubles if poorly mounted or maintained.

The leak of poisonous, flammable or explosive fumes is also a highly focused issue though modern stoves come with impressive protection features. Carbon monoxide (CO) a colorless and odorless gas can be released by the pilot light which is harmful as a cause of sudden illness or even death. Simply, a lazy yellow or orange flame is an indicator of the presence of carbon monoxide. Nevertheless, a carbon monoxide detector is a possible solution to avoiding unexpected hazards. Yearly checking of a gas stove by a qualified technician is a way of reducing lick chances and also of explosions.

Gas stoves are more energy saving and cost effective than electric stoves. In fact, half of cooking energy costs will be reduced by using a gas stove. Some gas stoves have electric ignition system which uses one-third amount of less energy than the pilot lights. Some electric ignition stoves have child safety options as well. But in an area of regular electric discontinuation, constantly burning pilot lights are more useful.  Direct and sufficient temperature controlling is the most effective function of a gas stove. Gas stoves are preferred by the cooks as for consistent distribution of heat while you don’t have to wait for warm up or cooling down the burner. An amount of concern is needed to keep a gas stove as an efficient tool for cooking. Happy cooking!