We have come here to describe mixer grinders. We are here to help you find out the best home appliances. As we said in our previous rice cooker review, it’s true that you will not have to read any other articles on the mixer grinder. We come here to tell you everything about the mixer grinder. You will get many options to choose among the best mixer grinders.


Niyama Mixer Grinder

What is Mixer Grinder?

An Electric Mixer Grinder is a machine which is used for mixing or grinding goods. A mixer grinder is a portable mill that combines the mixing & grinding operations. Normally people grind or mix their favorite foods in the mixer grinder. You can mix fruits, vegetables, and spices in the mixer grinder of your choice.

History of Mixer Grinder

Herbert Jonson was the first inventor of the electric mixer. He got the idea from a baker who was used to mix bread dough with a metal spoon. The first time he saw this on a television program. After watching that he decided to make something better to mix goods. This is the secret of inventing mixer grinder.

How does Mixer Grinder work?

A mixer grinder along with juicer is a very important and needful home appliance at every home in the world. From pureeing to grinding and grating ingredients, you can do lots of things with this kitchen device. This is the easiest way to mix ingredients in the world. In modern days, almost every kitchen in the world has a mixer grinder. Many small food carts are growing on the street day by day. Mixer grinder is also necessary for a street food cart. Mixer grinder is now saving time & effort by reducing the physical labor.

Difference between grinder and blender

Mixer grinder and blender are two different things due to the difference in their usage and shapes. Basically mixer grinder is used for different purposes like grinding food, grating coconut, powdering, mincing and chopping fruits and vegetables. Blender, which is also called a juicer, is another thing. Blender is ideal for juice, sauce, soup and other soft ingredients. Blender and mixer grinder have differences in the shape of blades, design, and body size.

Mixer Grinders in Bangladesh

We are a spice-loving nation. We love masala foods very much. It’s almost impossible for us to take lunch, supper, dinner without the taste of masala. Before the present day, we used to mix various spices in a natural way. We used to mix them with the hailstone. Nowadays, we have been using various fashionable mixer grinders. We are accustomed to using mixer grinders for mixing foods, masala, and fruits.

Mixer Grinder History in Bangladesh 

Bangladesh is a country in the South Asian region. Normally we, the people of the Indian subcontinent, love to eat spicy foods. We have a long & rich history with spices. Many of the spices were originated in this subcontinent. Bangladesh has also been cultivating masala for centuries. Ginger, Amchoor, Ajwain, Tulsi, Almond, Large cardamom, Cinnamon, Coriander etc. are produced in a large quantity in Bangladesh. Before the independence, we used to mix masala & foods in a natural way with a hailstone. After the independence, some companies started to import home appliances from China and India. Mixer Grinder is also one of them. Nowadays most of the people of Bangladesh are used to use mixer grinder, especially in urban areas. Still, a large number of village people are using the old system of mixing. Now people are becoming more concerned with fashion day by day and they want to save their time too. Mixer grinder is the best option for saving time and to go with the fashion. Mixer grinder also looks beautiful and beauty is the satisfaction.

Mixer Grinder Brand in Bangladesh

There are many brands of mixer grinder in Bangladesh. Almost all mixer grinders are imported from China & India. There are many prominent brands in Bangladesh such as Singer, Philips, Walton, Panasonic, Jaipan, LG, Niyama etc. They may look different, but the reality is that all of them come from China and India. Bangladesh does not manufacture any mixer grinder yet. Hope you have got the best idea of mixer grinders in Bangladesh.

Mixer Grinder Price in Bangladesh

In modern days, people look for quality products, not the cheap one. In Bangladesh, people consider both price and quality. They want quality products at a reasonable price, especially, they want to use them for a long period of time. Almost every mixer grinder is imported in Bangladesh. Price varies with the cost of import. Mixer grinder’s price in Bangladesh starts from 2500TK and can be maximum of 15000TK. Most of the mixer grinders are priced between 2500-7000tk. Niyama provides the best mixer grinders at a reasonable price. Niyama mixer grinders are available from 2500 to 5000tk in the local market. That’s all about price. Now you can choose price or quality or both. Hope you will get the best mixer grinder for your kitchen.

About the Niyama Brand

Niyama is a new prominent home appliance brand in Bangladesh. They have come with the promise of a better life. Niyama provides the best quality home appliances at a reasonable price in Bangladesh. Gas stove, rice cooker, mixer grinder, iron etc. are the most popular items of home appliance category in Bangladesh. Niyama doesn’t compromise with the quality of the products. Niyama also has outstanding customer service which provides services 24/7 for their products. So why not? You can start your journey with Niyama home appliances.

Niyama Mixer Grinder

As we said before Niyama comes with a promise of selling the best quality home appliances in Bangladesh. Niyama mixer grinder is also one of them. The price of Niyama mixer grinder starts from 2500TK which is the most reasonable price in Bangladesh. Niyama mixer grinder would be the best choice for those who want the best quality at a reasonable price. Niyama provides the best services after-sale

Service and warranty. Niyama service center ensures the best service to their customers until their satisfaction. It would be the best option to choose Niyama mixer grinder in Bangladesh.


  • Reasonable price
  • Good quality
  • Beautiful design and simple operation
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Easy to use


  • power consumption is high for its powerful motors
  • Little Noisy

Thats all about mixer grinder. Hope you are getting the best short reviews ever. Happy masala cooking!