NFP-2602 Food Processor

– Power: 1200W, 220-240V, 50-60Hz, VDE plug.
– Accessories: Chopper, Dough Maker, French Fry Disc, Julienne Disc, Fine Shredding & Slicing Disc, Coarse Shredding & Slicing Disc, Citrus Juicer Plastic Blender, SS Wet Grinder, SS Dry Grinder, Centrifugal Juicer, Spatula.
Versatile and efficient for chopping, dough-making, slicing, shredding, juicing, and grinding.
Diverse discs for fine or coarse results; multiple functions in one appliance.
– Easy-to-use with stainless steel and plastic attachments.
– Ideal for various culinary tasks, from slicing veggies to making fresh juice.
– Compact design with a VDE plug for secure electrical connection.
– Centrifugal juicer for quick and efficient juice extraction.
– A comprehensive kitchen solution with a powerful motor for optimal performance.
Simplifies food preparation with a range of essential accessories.

Product Description

Introducing the NFP-2602 Food Processor, a versatile kitchen assistant designed to streamline your cooking experience. With its powerful 1200W 100% copper motor, this food processor delivers efficient and reliable performance for all your culinary needs. Equipped with a VDE plug, it ensures a safe and secure electrical connection every time you use it.

The NFP-2602 comes with a range of versatile accessories to cater to all your food processing tasks. From the efficient chopper for quick ingredient chopping to the dedicated dough maker for perfect kneading, and the specialized discs for crafting French fries and julienne strips, this food processor has everything you need to create culinary masterpieces with ease. The whisk attachment allows for effortless whipping and beating of ingredients, while the essential spatula ensures easy mixing and scraping during food processing.

Power 1200W, 220-240V~, 50-60Hz
Motor 100% copper motor for efficient and reliable food processing
Plug Type VDE plug for secure electrical connection
  • Efficient chopper
  • Dedicated dough maker
  • Specialized disc for French fries
  • Julienne disc
  • Versatile shredding & slicing disc
  • Whisk attachment
  • Essential spatula


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