Model: NYB-071M
Meat grinder
Motor Power: 1800W


Product Description


  • Super Max Locked Power: 1800W
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Reverse Function
  • Metal Gearbox and Gear
  • Cold Storage and Accessories Storage
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • 3 Cutting Plates
  • Cube Attachment
  • Sausage Attachment
  • Disc Washer for Clearing the Cutting Plates after Grinding
Feature Description
Super Max Locked Power 1800W
Circuit Breaker Ensures safety by automatically shutting off the grinder in case of overload
Reverse Function Allows for easy unclogging and prevents jamming
Metal Gearbox and Gear Provides durability and reliable operation
Cold Storage and Accessories Storage Convenient storage compartments for keeping the grinder and accessories
Stainless Steel Blade Ensures efficient and precise grinding
3 Cutting Plates Offers versatility with different grind sizes for various recipes
Cube Attachment Enables easy preparation of perfectly cubed meat
Sausage Attachment Effortlessly creates homemade sausages
Disc Washer Helps in clearing the cutting plates after grinding for easy maintenance


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